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Diarmuid Crowley

CEO & co-Founder

Diarmuid is a C-Level sports marketing executive with 20 years’ experience at IMG, the world’s leading sports marketing company and, subsequently, responsible for all commercial activity for the Portuguese Football Federation.

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Essar Gabriel

Executive VP & co-Founder

Essar has over 20 years’ experience in management and delivery of the largest international sporting events, including the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup. He has worked at C level for the International Olympic Committee and World Athletics.

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Barbara Zhang

President, Druid China

Barbara is one of the most highly regarded sports marketing executives in China with 15 years’ experience.

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Yang Wang

Vice-President, Druid China

Tim Crowley

Chief Financial Officer

Julien Montel

Senior Associate, Events

Boyuan Xing

Event Manager, Druid China

Luís Duarte

Sales Manager

John Keegan

Corporate & Tax Compliance Officer

Rahel Porter

Sales & Marketing Manager

Richard Hickson

Web & IT Manager